Revamping a Visual Identity


Meet Strategies Worldwide sought to enhance their client offerings with new products and services. In early 2009, they rebranded as MeetGreen, and I assisted in redesigning their corporate identity materials.


During the initial brainstorming sessions with the client, we decided to retain an element from the previous logo: the globe. After several weeks of creative exploration, a new logo emerged. Subsequently, I updated the color palette and the typographic/style guide. Throughout the year, MeetGreen’s materials underwent comprehensive updates to achieve a cohesive and uniform look and feel.

Work Involved

  • Identity update with business cards, envelopes, letterhead, etc.
  • Art direction and designs for Web-based applications
  • Infographics, signs and flyers
  • Book cover designs and production layouts


  • Client: MeetGreen
  • Categories: Graphic Design
Born to Design - James L. Turner Portfolio Sample.
Born to Design - James L. Turner Portfolio Sample.